Church History

Church History

A few years ago, Rev. Philip Ennin and a few believers decided to form a fellowship to pray, study the Word and be closer to the Lord. We did not know at that time that it was the beginning of a new ministry in the horizon. We never set out to establish a ministry. However, the Almighty who is the author and finisher of our faith, all along knew what He was doing. Before long, we received help from Royalhouse Chapel (Ghana). Rev. Ankrah (Head Pastor of Royalhouse) sent Pastor Asilfie, one of his Senior Pastors from Ghana to help strengthen the fellowship. When the Lord started to bring the increase in terms of numbers and anointing, He made us proclaim the fellowship into a church. Because of our close association with Royalhouse Chapel at that time, we adopted their name and the young church became known as Royalhouse Chapel International, Manchester.

A New Name

When our association with Royalhouse Chapel International ended, we decided to change the name of the ministry to reflect our vision and the original idea of fellowshipping with all manner of people. The new ministry therefore became known as Greater Hartford Christian Fellowship Center, Manchester. We never became completely satisfied with the new name and what it reflected, so we kept on praying and waited upon the Lord to reveal a final name for His ministry. True to His character and faithfulness, the Lord gave us a new and we believe, a final name. This new name revealed by the Lord was CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY. This new name does not only reflect our vision it also reflects our mission. The ministry has been known by this name for past years.

Place Of Warship

During this time, we were worshipping at the premises of our host; the Church of Nazerene in Manchester, CT. In March 2001, we moved to 285 Burnside Avenue in East Hartford , CT because our host church needed the space for their youth program. Because the place was small and we knew that the Lord of Harvest would bring us to a place where He had “prepared” for us, we considered our stay at Burnside Avenue as temporary.

When the Lord led us to our current location at 806 Main Street in Manchester, CT, we did not have the down payment for this property. All we had was our unflinching faith in the Lord. When the time came, the Lord miraculously provided the money for the down payment. The greatest miracle came on December 31st, the closing date when we found out that the banks had increased the amount for the down payment. But the Lord handed us the exact amount we needed for the closing to go through. It was a close shave but that is how the Lord works.

Spiritual Awakening

It is our prayer that this ministry will be spiritually awake to be faithful and fruitful all the time. We need spiritual jump start rightly called revival from time to time. Church members must allow the ministry to undergo a process of change which we call “Spiritual Reformation” in order to achieve our vision.